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Le Rindovani

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Le Rindovani

Balkan't stop the music ! Paroles, partitions, traductions, lyrics, scores, translations, mp3, videos...


Lake bal kale sar angara

Lake yakha sar kale drakha

Jial pouterde balentsa

Beng si ande late

Le Rindovani tjidinsayile

Te nay mange michto

Djilabe mange ek veseliya

Doukhal ma o yilo

Tjindem lake samovari

Tjindem lake shoukar rotsa

Tchi may ditchili

Tchi may diklem la

Le Rindovani......

Alosardem la may choukar

Dji te merav la brigatar

Le tchatchimos si yek drom

Ay atadjilem o drom

Em C7 Em

Am Am/F# D D/F# G G/F E7 ||


Am Am/C Fm Db7 G C


Fm Cm Bb7 Eb C/E

Fm Cm D7 G

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